Certification News

Congratulations are in order to the latest NY/NJ Metropolitan Section members who have recently passed certification exams, as follows:

Certified Quality Improvement Associate

  • Miguel A. Garcia
  • Melissa A. Russo

Certified Quality Engineer

  • Wayne Benjamin
  • Fang Liang
  • Ashish Patel
  • Maninderdeep Singh
  • Wu, Li Hsin

Certified Software Quality Engineer

  • Patricia Ensworth
  • Marilyn Ginsberg-Finner
  • Harry C. Van Horne

Certified Quality Auditor

  • Langi Bangkang
  • Kate Frances Hatton
  • Asiya Imam
  • Fares Emile Lahoud
  • Jeniffer Maureen McDowell-Oxford
  • Manohar Ravela
  • Wai Lun Seid
  • Siddharth Shankar
  • Audre Jean Van Story
  • Marvin C. Wilson

Senior Member

  • Dakshina (Dak) K. Murthy

You can learn more about the various certification programs offered by ASQ at the website http://www.asq.org/cert/types/index.html.   Registration is convenient and simple online. Exams can be taken at any of multiple locations for your further convenience.  If you are interested in learning more about preparation for these exams, contact Ed Warner via email at Certification@metro-asq.org .

Last updated from ASQ lists through June 2004

Congratulation to these newly certified section members

Certified Quality Improvement Associate

Padmanabaiah Srirama
Denesha J. Kelly
Thomas J. Pritchard
Andrew A. Wilson
Yon Ha Kim
Steve Ramirez

Certified Quality Engineer

Man King Fong

Certified Quality Auditor

Ruddie D. McDonald
Roxanne I. Lewis
Manojkumar Oza
David Lloyd Fuller

Six Sigma Black Belt

Groh, Matthias
Meyer, Richard K.
Pattanayak, Tony R.

Certified Quality Manager

Ahmad, Zeerik
Shankar, Siddharth

Senior Member

Andrade Claudio Filho
Peter T. Kerins
Parul Hasni Patel
Deven Beke
Ivan F. Herrera
Eric S. Kastango
Srinivas Pendyala
Jeffrey A. Roy

Sustaining Member

Pershing LLC

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