Chair’s message – November 2005

Hello from the Chair:

This is the first update to the 2005 2006 chair messages to the section.

Summer is over and the sections annual conference is complete, so what’s up for the coming year? Two important events are pending, the Deming Conference (December Atlantic City) and a daytime section meeting. Please click the links for information on these important events. The general section meeting is two presentations, each about 45 minutes, with time for questions. A buffet dinner will be served based on advanced registration. Keeping with last year’s theme, there will be no charge if you pre-register.

Turnout is one measure by which we plan future events so the daytime meeting is important if the members support it. We have only had a few daytime meetings in the last few years, so let us know if you want them.

We are already working on the 2006 Annual OTT Section Conference and have planned on returning to Rutgers, if all goes as anticipated. We are looking for volunteers to work on mailing lists, publicity, registration, and arrangements. If you would like to work on the committee please let me know. You can reach me at

Anyone wishing to present or exhibit at the 2006 conference should also let me know.

So what else is up!! We are planning to have a survey to see what type of meetings the members are most interested in, I ask, that when you receive the survey, please respond. However you don’t need to wait for the survey, if you want or have, a request for the section let me know what it is. Remember you are also welcome to attend a board meeting, check the schedule and register with:

Mr. William I. Martin
Customized Management Systems, Ltd.
18-65 211 St Suite 2F
Bayside, NY 11360-1814
By Phone/Fax: (718) 631-2375

For the first time in the history of ASQ, headquarters is reaching out to the leaders of the sections and divisions and held the first “Member Value Leadership Summit” in Milwaukee on October 17th and 18th 2005. I would say that a majority of the sections and division where represented and many ideas for the future direction of ASQ where presented. It will be interesting to see what direction and progress Headquarters makes based on the results of the summit. I will provide further details as ASQ Headquarters moves forward with the initiatives. They are planning a formal update at the next World Quality Conference scheduled for May 2006 in Milwaukee.

As I stated in my first message, it is a privileged to serve as chair of the Metro section. Without your support or input we may not be addressing your concerns or needs as members. So feel free to contact any board member, or me, we need your input.


Joe Borden P.E.; CQA
Chair 2005 – 2006