Chair’s Message Fall 2006

Happy Holidays to all:

photo: Dak Murthy
Dak Murthy

If you missed our annual September 58th Ott conference this year at Rutgers Newark, you missed an exciting meeting with great topics and great speakers. I also got a chance to meet and greet many of you.

We also held our October general meeting recently Bud gave a great presentation on "Force Field Analysis".

I look forward meeting all of you for our November 14th General meeting.  Dr. William Latzko will give his presentation on “Control Charts: What They Are”. He is a great speaker and recognized for his presentations throughout the industry.  I look forward meeting all of you.

In keeping with our objectives, the Deming Conference (December Atlantic City) is already set for 2007. The program details are complete. We set the Conference for the week of December 4 through December 8, 2006, returning to the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City. Those of you that attended in 2005, I am sure will agree this is a first class location and one of the most educational Conferences offered anywhere in the world. This conference is the lifeblood of this section.

Check our Web site ( for more details.

We are already working on the 2007 Annual Metropolitan (59th OTT) Section Conference.  We are looking for volunteers to work on mailing lists, publicity, registration, and arrangements. If you would like to work on the committee please let me know.

You can reach me at Anyone
wishing to present or exhibit at the 2007 Annual Metropolitan Section should also let me know.

Remember you are also welcome to attend an executive board meeting, check the schedule and register by contacting:

Mr. William I. Martin
Customized Management Systems, Ltd.
18-65 211 St Suite 2F
Bayside, NY 11360-1814
By Phone/Fax:
(718) 631-2375

We have submitted our business plan for the 2006/2007-year. We have set many goals and we will strive to achieve with your support. I have the privilege to serve as chair of the Metro section. Without your support or input, we may not be addressing your concerns or needs as members. So feel free to contact any board member, or me, we need your input.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

Dak Murthy P.E.; CQE; C.Q.M.
Chair 2006 – 2007