Chairman for 2009-2010, Andy Frohn’s Incoming Message

Photo: Andy Frohn
Andy Frohn
Well, after reading there really is not much more that can be said. I too feel privileged and honored to be serving as Chair of this section of ASQ. Our section is fortunate to have such an incredible line up of quality professionals on the board. Some of them have been around since the beginning of ASQ and are well known in the industry as leaders in their field. Since I was Chair last, back in 2002-3, there have been many changes both within the section and in the economy in general. As we all know the economy has hit many people within our region very hard. Our section feels it is our obligation to do what we can for our membership and our community during these difficult times.

Our scholarship has taken off and is providing a substantial benefit to those that are fortunate enough to win the award. We plan to focus our efforts on training and certification courses in order to provide our members with a more competitive edge out there in today’s job market. As Chair, I would like to enhance our website as well, with more links to job postings and career-oriented events throughout the area.

I look forward to this upcoming year, we have an exciting program and as always I encourage you to check our schedule of events on our website often. I can say from years of first hand experience that participation on the Executive Board has been rewarding both personally and professionally. Where else can you come have a great FREE dinner and watch the exciting drama that goes on at our board meetings? We are a spirited group with a great sense of humor, but also a sense of great purpose and responsibility.

If you would like any information about us or have any suggestions on how we can serve you better please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

I look forward to serving you,

Andrew Frohn, Chair