Austin S. Lin – Incoming Chair Message 2011-12

Austin Lin“The enemy of great is good.” – Jim Collins

With over 100,000 members in over 129 countries, the American Society for Quality remains the premier global organization for the profession, promoting quality as a rigorous, multi-functional culture of conducting business and fostering customer-driven growth. Improving from good to great is in the profession’s DNA and it is this heritage that the Metropolitan Section’s members strive to hone and enhance.

The NY/NJ Metropolitan Section’s founding members in the 1940s included the seminal thought leaders of the profession with names such as William Edwards Deming, Joseph Juran, Mason Wescott, Harold Dodge, and Walter Shewhart. As the elected Chair of the New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan Section, I am thrilled to be part of this great organization and participate in its storied tradition.

Along with the Metropolitan Executive Leadership Team and associated Committee Chairs, we benefit greatly from having the shoulders of such giants to stand upon, but tradition alone hardly equates with current and future progress. Rather, it will take the collaboration throughout our own talented membership internal to Metropolitan as well as through other organizations external to ASQ in order to diligently maintain a stance of stable, productive growth. We are continually seeking members who are passionate in contributing their personal expertise to the section and ultimately, to the entirety of the quality profession while furthering the section’s legacy into the decades to come.
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Metropolitan Section Officers for 2011-2012

2011 – 2012




Chair Austin Lin (732) 602-2393
Chair Elect Sandor Juhasz (212) 465-5647
Secretary Michael Tedaldi (516) 263-8244
Treasurer Jorge A. Rosas (908) 903-3157
Vice Chair Samir Joshi
Vice Chair Timothy Leary (646) 370-4912
Past Chair Andy Frohn

Committee Chairs




Auditing Chair Joseph Paperman (973) 493-8444
Chief Proctor William Latzko (201) 868-5338
Education Chair Russell A. Ferretti (212) 672-1222
Recertification Chair William Martin (718) 631-2375
Historian Satish Laroia (732) 549-7539
Job Placement Stefan Makuch (212) 672-4084
Internet Liaison William Latzko (201) 868-5338
Membership Chair Samir Joshi
Newsletter Editor William Latzko (201) 868-5338
Nominating Chair Dakshina Murthy (201) 955-5783
Ott Award Russell A. Ferretti (212) 672-1222
Program Chair Peter Miko (732) 560-3449
Registrar Samir Joshi
QMP Chair Susan Watson (718) 558 3881
Voice of Customer Chair William Latzko (201) 868-5338

The 2011 Winners of the Walter Young Scholarship

Photo: Winners of the 2011 Walter Young Scholarships
Winners of the 2011 Walter Young Scholarships

from left to right
Andy Frohn, NY/NJ Metropolitan Section ASQ Chair
Joseph Muccin, ASQ-Metro Section Awardee
Julianna Garreffa, Deming Conference Awardee
Elizabeth Higgins, ASQ-Metro Section Awardee
Susan Watson, Scholarship Committee Chair

Walter Young Scholarship

The NY/NJ Metropolitan Section manages the Walter Young Scholarship to encourage and support the application of quality concepts and methodology in all professional fields through a college scholarship award program.