Photos from the QA Foxhole

Photo: Austin Lin
Austin Lin
Thanks for a great Section meeting yesterday and thanks again for Dave and Bill for an engaging QA presentation (with full set props and all!). They presented on Survivor Stories, a set of case studies from “the QA foxhole” out in the field and we covered everything from imported radios and drug testing to Madagascar vanilla extract and computer monitor quality.

Had a chance to connect with a couple of Young QA professional visitors as well who are already stepping up to get more active in Metro section (At least 3, of which two are now joining the EPC!!) This is exactly the individual member by member growth that Metro is known for and with more presentations like the ones Bill and Dave gave yesterday, we have no limits!

A personal highlight for me was the privilege to chat over dessert and coffee with Louis Pasteelnick, Metro Section Chair in 1967, who at the young age of 84 years old is still full of energy, engineering anecdotes and tennis advice. In addition to Bill Martin and Bill Latzko, we had three ASQ Fellows total in attendance!

Thanks again—for our out-of-state Metro family especially, attached are a couple of photos from the talk.

Have a great weekend everybody!

3 thoughts on “Photos from the QA Foxhole”

  1. Austin,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. Having the opportunity to work with a consummate professional (and really nice guy) like Bill made the entire project a labor of love.
    One of the best moves that I ever made in my career was becoming more involved with our ASQ Section.
    Best regards,

  2. This was a great presentation and reading Bill’s book ‘Four Days with Dr. Deming –A Strategy for Modern Methods of Management’ on the train to and from Penn Station made the trip enjoyable…but I got soaked to the skin when my delayed train arrived at Ronkonkoma at 12:30 last night. It was worth the trip.

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