Personalize Your Email Options with ASQ

Many members can eliminate the flood of ASQ emails by opting out of all emails. That way they often miss the chance of voicing their opinions and getting last minute news from the local section. Members have a great deal of choice in what emails they receive and which to eliminate. ASQ gives us the choice of opting in or out for three major categories:

  • Member Communications
  • Newsletters
  • ASQ Products & Services

To change your preference go to

To change Member Communications click on the appropriate radio buttons. The picture shows my selections.

Image: ASQ Member Communication Selection Options
ASQ Member Communication Selection Options

If you want only ASQ Section Communication, click only that radio Image:radio button button and leave the rest blank or check “Unsubscribe”

Do the same for the other two sections.

At the bottom of the list is a check box as follows:

Image: Exclude All Selection
Exclude All Selection

Please make sure that the check box is EMPTY. If not, uncheck it by clicking on the box.