Human Factors in Health Care Quality

Join us January 14th, 2014 for our monthly section meeting for a discussion of Human Factors in Health Care Quality.

In the last century, modern health care has made such progress with the biological understanding of disease and the technical control of trauma that medical error itself is responsible for more deaths than motor vehicle accidents, breast cancer, or AIDS. As the biomedical industry continues to make progress with other areas of disease and mortality, the final frontier of medicine will become the practice of medicine itself.

The cause of the most preventable fatal errors are usually not medical in nature, but are rooted in the dynamics of teams and the culture of medical care. Communication failures during the course of patient care are the leading issue in these errors, whether that be a staffing or scheduling change, an incorrect label, or someone noticing an error without speaking up.

The focus of the discussion will be these larger communication, teamwork, and cultural issues in care delivery to understand how the best conditions for high-reliability interactions can be created.

Topics include:

• Creating opportunities for team communication
• Impediments to employee voice & issue-raising
• Impact of professional identity and rank on team performance
• Maintaining alertness to new information in stressful & repetitive tasks

Presented by: Priya Gopinath & Cory Sherb

Priya is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with extensive quality leadership and operational experience in both health insurance and care delivery settings. She holds a BSE and MS in biomedical engineering, and is named on multiple patents in the area of medical imaging and diagnostic technology.

Cory is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt with experience in manufacturing and managed care, specializing in quality systems for inter-disciplinary teams. He holds a BA in mathematics and an MS in organizational psychology.

Time and Place:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 – 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Appetito Ristorante, 47W 39 St, New York, NY 10018
tel. 212.391.5286


The event cost is free to members of the ASQ NY & NJ Metropolitan Section 300.
Non-members: $50

One thought on “Human Factors in Health Care Quality”

  1. Priya and Cory gave a powerful presentation highlighting the life-shattering effects of medical errors at our January 14th, 2014 meeting.
    There was no projector available at the meeting and Priya told us about the Sue Sheridan case of medical errors that can only be put into perspective by hearing Sue Sheridan’s story from herself…Priya asked the members to go online to watch the video and I would like to share with those of you who didn’t have time to download or didn’t make it to the meeting.

    This story needs to be shared with all of you who will be a patient, patient’s parent, spouse, sibling or advocate and with all those in the healthcare fields.

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