ASQ NJIT Student Chapter Presentations on October 28th, 2014

Join the ASQ NJIT Student Chapter for two presentations at NJIT!

  1. Visual Factory Management Based on IIoT (The Industrial Internet of Things) Methods and Technologies (by Paul G Ranky, PhD, NJIT)
  2. Visual Programming of Universal Robots (by Jake Huckaby, PhD, Universal Robots, New York)

This R&D presentation is about Visual Factory Management and the Industrial Internet of Things, or in other words about computer controlled, networked sensors, devices, machines, cells and larger systems and able humans working together. More accurately, the convergence of machines and intelligent data generated by humans as well as machines in an integrated system is known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), or in other words, the Internet of Everything (IoE). The IIoT is also about visual factory management of advanced manufacturing and other cells, factories, and entire facilities, like CNC machining factories that make robots, or digitally controlled oil refineries, or food processing plants, and many others, all consisting of networked objects, or as we intend to say ‘things’… and all of this is for the purpose of waste reduction, lean six-sigma focused system optimization, and for making life better in industry as well as at home…

About Universal robots: A Universal Robot is a low-cost, modular robotic arm designed for different production processes. With Universal Robots it is easy to develop applications that can run without shielding. A thorough risk assessment must however always be made. The user-friendly software is easy to learn and installation can be done in under an hour. This presentation will focus on the visual programming aspects of these robots. (More here:

October 21, 2014October 28th, 2014, starting sharp at 11.30 am until 2.25 pm (including the above two presentations, as well as the live universal robot demos)

NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) , GITC building, multimedia lecture room GITC 2305; web:, campus map; Parking at NJIT for visitors:;

About the presenters:
Paul G. Ranky, PhD (Automation Eng. with IT) is an ASQ member, a Registered and Chartered Professional Engineer, specializing in iSEE:Green, intelligent Sustainable Enterprise Engineering with a Green focus, IIOT, the Industrial Internet of Things, green integrated product and process design, design reviews in aerospace, automotive and underwater device design, quality, sustainable green PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), using digital product, process, manufacturing, and factory design methods and tools, concurrent / simultaneous engineering, in design for manufacturing / assembly / disassembly / quality, in quality system design and auditing, advanced lean and flexible cellular manufacturing systems and industrial engineering.

Jake Huckaby, PhD, Universal Robots USA, Inc, New York. Robotics engineer offering technical support for the design and installation of universal robotic systems. (More at