ASQ mini Ott Quality Conference at NJIT

Please join the NJIT Student Section for the ASQ mini Ott Quality Conference on April 20th, 2016. For additional details or to register please contact Paul Ranky at

The program will include presentations on:

  • Quality Project Management in the Construction Industry
  • Human Quality Errors in the HVAC Industry and Related Fields
  • The Role of Graphic Design in Quality Construction Management
  • Zero Defect Quality Simulation Workshop Based On Lean Six-sigma Method

Jelena Stijovic: Quality Project Management in the Construction Industry

Construction project management involves the planning, coordination, and control over the numerous tasks involved in construction projects. This presentation focuses on management and quality control in the construction industry. Special emphasis will be placed on the statistical methods of quality control and ISO 9001:2015. Statistical methods are used to interpret the results of a test on a small sample in order to reach a conclusion pertaining to the acceptability of an entire project. ISO 9001:2015 combines the process approach with risk-based thinking while also focusing on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels in the organization. These two powerful tools are essential for successful project management as they provide organizations with means of ensuring all activities are being performed within accepted limits.

Jelena Stijovic is majoring in Industrial Engineering at NJIT. she is passionate about anything that pertains to quality control and project management. Having said that, she currently works as an Assistant Project Manager at a small, privately owned construction company called Bosko & Sons. Working for this company enabled her to develop leadership, analytical and project management skills. She has just landed a Co-op opportunity at Johnson and Johnson where she will be applying her industrial engineering and project management skills through cross-functional team work, structured assignments and strategic supply chain decision-making. She is planning to obtain a Master degree in Engineering Management and keep working my way up in the medical/healthcare field.

Michael Failla: Human Quality Errors in the HVAC Industry and Related Fields

The HVAC industry, like many other industries, have human errors that need to be detected in order to improve upon these issues. This presentation will consist of various quality error examples in the HVAC field as well as other related fields in which HVAC contractors work along with to complete projects (such as the construction or electrical fields). Such aspects of the field that will be discussed are unit design errors, Poor quality PM (Preventive Maintenance) programs leading to serious issues, as well as poor service in repair scenarios. Some other topics discussed will consist of related fields like stated above, showing errors in areas like not abiding by OSHA regulations or construction issues that create roadblocks in completions of jobs. The purpose of discussing all of these errors is how to detect them, the proactive response to the issue, and how to prevent this from future issues occurring from different viewpoints.

Michael Failla has an undergraduate BS degree from Caldwell University in Business Management. After graduation he has created a bike (cycle) across america adventure to raise money for cancer. After seeking a career, he found that he wanted to stay in a similar field. As he puts it: “I have been working in my entire life with my father who is self employed owning his own HVAC company. I manage the maintenance end of the company, assist in large service/installation projects, generating quotes, and organization of all serviceable equipment’s information. I chose to go back to school in case I did not want to continue a career in HVAC service and maintenance work. So I chose to go to NJIT for two reasons, one to get a masters degree in the in engineering management which is along the lines of the knowledge I have from work experiences and work in a management role eventually. The other was to fulfill a passion of mine to play hockey at the college level since my undergraduate university did not have a team. Needless to say I have embraced all the opportunities throughout the term of my program and will graduate in the summer or fall 2016.

Jovana Stijovic: The Role of Graphic Design in Quality Construction Management

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how we communicate with people by effectively conveying our ideas in a way that is pleasing to the eye. This presentation stresses the significance of proper graphic design in Quality Construction Management. People may not be willing to read a document that is trying to convince them to follow basic rules or regulations, but they will be willing to have a look at an image that serves the same purpose. The presentation covers the implementation of graphic design in an effort to support waste reduction as well as lean and sustainable green goals through visual models and layered process diagrams.

Jovana Stijovic is currently a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering at NJIT. She is enrolled in a BS/MS program that allows qualified students to take graduate courses and in that way work on their Bachelor and Master degrees simultaneously. Shortly after becoming the Vice President of the ASQ NJIT Student Chapter her interest in the field of quality engineering grew rapidly. She holds a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and is preparing to take the Certified Quality Engineer exam. As she puts it: “Working in healthcare, service and construction industry enabled me to develop a well-rounded skillset and build a strong career foundation. I work as an Assistant Project Manager at AKM Contraction and I will be interring at L’Oréal this summer. Upon receiving my Master degree, I would like to land a job opportunity in the field of fashion management.”

Paul G Ranky: Zero Defect Quality Simulation Workshop Based On Lean Six-sigma Methods
The purpose of this interactive model-based workshop is to explain LSS zero defect concepts and demonstrate, that zero defect can be achieved in real-world situations by design.

He is a Full Tenured Professor of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Industrial and Management Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT’s IT (Information Technology Program), as Professor of IS & IT. NJIT is the Public Research University of New Jersey, Newark, NJ, USA. Member, or former member of SAE(USA), IEE(UK), IET (UK), IEEE(USA) Sustainable Green Engineering Series Editor , PMI(USA), SME(USA), ASME(USA), ISPE (USA), International Soc. of Pharmaceutical Engineers, ASQ(USA), member of the International RFID Business Association, the Lean Manufacturing and the Quality Auditing Divisions, educated by ASQ (USA) in lean six-sigma, quality leadership, and others.

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