ASQ NJIT Spring Ott Conference on Lean six-sigma Methods, Tools and Case Studies, organized by the NJIT ASQ Student Leadership Team

: Michelle Vollo, President, Jovana Stijovic and Jelena Stijovic, Vice Presidents, Avery Bechtel, Program Chair, Philip Lelikov, Secretary, Terry Asante, Educational Chair, and Paul G Ranky, Founding Academic Advisor.

Several presenters will discuss Lean six-sigma Methods, Tools and Case Studies in academia, as well as in industry. The core focus is Zero Defect Devices, Production, Service and Systems, including Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Root Cause Analysis is an essential first step when starting a six-sigma study for process improvement by controlling variations. RCA is generally applicable in situations where a defect occurs and there is a possibility that it might be beneficial to identify and address the real cause so that the situation does not occur again.


Michelle Hawkins: Complaint Handling in Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Companies. An introduction, the importance of the topic, the regulatory aspects (reporting to the FDA, MPR, Meddev), recent statistics regarding findings, career options, and conclusions.

Bio: Michelle has over 10 years of professional quality experience in the medical device / pharmaceutical industry. She is currently working on her masters in Engineering Management at NJIT.

John K. Taggart: Lean Manufacturing & Distribution – the Real Value. In a constantly evolving landscape of disruptive technologies Lean Processes and the ability to Produce and Distribute products with zero defects and high value is the final frontier in the competitive race for market share and profitability.

Bio: John is Co-Director of the Transportation, Logistics and Distribution Talent Network, hosted by NJIT on behalf of the NJ Department of Labor and Labor Workforce Development.
John served as Vice President – Operations for a global Flavor, Fragrance and Aroma Chemicals company, responsible for all North American Manufacturing and Supply Operations. Prior to that Operations role, John served as Senior Manufacturing Specialist for Sperry Univac Computer Systems.

Michelle Vollo: Morton Salt Case Study: Analysis of Transferable Operational Parts
A group of NJIT Industrial Engineering students created a lean inventory of parts for machine repair for Morton Salt, NJ. Waste was reduced by removing unnecessary and unused parts, and optimal inventory levels were implemented.

Bio: Michelle Vollo is a BS(Hons) student in Industrial Engineering, also working towards her masters degree in Engineering Management at NJIT. Michelle has over 10 months of industrial experience and is the recipient of a recent NSF (National Science Foundation Grant) with Dr Ranky, focusing on Visual Factory Management and Zero Defect Production.

Paul G. Ranky: Design Quality Review Methods of Megacities with a PLM (Product Lifecycle Engineering) Focus
Paul G. Ranky: Why Zero Defect Quality is An Achievable Goal (Methods and Tools)

Bio: Paul Ranky is a Full Tenured Professor of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Industrial and Management Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT’s IT (Information Technology Program), as Professor of IS & IT. (More at:

Event Date & time:
March 21, 2017, 6 to 9 pm
Location: NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Newark, NJ 07102, GITC building, room 2305 (parking is available, please email Dr Ranky: well in advance; thanks!

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