May Section Meeting: Agile Performance Management

Great companies manage performance by looking at teams, not drudging through annual performance reviews. Agile Performance Management helps organizations understand how teams helping fulfill corporate goals and improve agile teams so that they can meet those goals. Social recognition and frequent feedback are the heart of agile. Skill development and just-in-time learning are investments that pay off. Measuring teams performance, providing feedback, and giving the tools to meet expectations – that’s what’s replacing tortuous annual performance reviews.

Agile Performance Management provides a full continuum of meaningful performance – and it happens all the time, not just every 6-months.


This presentation describes how organizations that have implemented the Agile Performance Management program can be successful in many ways:

• supporting a style of work that is collaborative, social and fast moving

• aligning the performance of teams with the goals of the organization

• providing employees with a voice in influencing individual, team and organizational performance

• providing supervisors with the skills they need to coach and counsel employees and teams every day, not just at annual appraisal times

• providing the organization with a health check of their training and organizational development efforts by gathering cumulative information about performance management trends


Tim Zeller
Tim Zeller

Tim Zeller, Broadsword’s Director of Strategic Solutions, is responsible for the introduction of innovative service offerings into the market and with our clients.

Tim is a Scrum Master, ISO Lead Auditor, Labor Relations Attorney, and CMMI Process Improvement Specialist. He has deep experience in the health-care sector and has worked extensively in State and Federal Government. Tim has been the CEO of several non-profit corporations and lives in Lansing, MI. He holds a degree in Management from the University of Illinois, Springfield, received a Juris Doctorate from Thomas M. Cooley Law School and enjoys exploring the mountainsides of foreign countries on the back of a motorcycle

Date & Time: May 9, 2017 from 6:30 – 8:30 PM

Location: Spanish Tavern 103 McWhorter Street – Newark, NJ 07105 (MapIt)

Tickets (includes dinner):

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