ASQ NJIT Fall Ott Conference – October 9th, 2017

Join us for the ASQ NJIT Fall Ott Conference on Visual Factory Management, Collaborative Robotics, Lean six-sigma Methods, Tools and Case Studies, organized by the NJIT ASQ Student Leadership Team: Michelle Vollo, President, Jovana Stijovic and Jelena Stijovic, Vice Presidents, Avery Bechtel, Program Chair, Philip Lelikov, Secretary, Terry Asante, Educational Chair, and Paul G Ranky, Founding Academic Advisor.

Several presenters will discuss Visual Factory Management, Collaborative Robotics, Lean six-sigma Methods, Tools and Case Studies in academia, as well as in industry. The core focus is Zero Defect Devices, Production, Service and Systems, including Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Root Cause Analysis is an essential first step when starting a six-sigma study for process improvement by controlling variations. RCA is generally applicable in situations where a defect occurs and there is a possibility that it might be beneficial to identify and address the real cause so that the situation does not occur again.

Every session will follow an interactive workshop style.

Event Date & Time: October 9, 2017, 6 to 9 pm

Location: NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Newark, NJ 07102, GITC building, room 2305 (Parking is available, please email Dr Ranky: well in advance; thanks!)

Collaborative Robotics Presentation by Universal Robots & The Knotts Company, represented by Matt Howe, Knotts Company – Robotic Project Manager (, Mark Guida, Knotts Company – Technical Support Manager (, Justin Griffin, UR – Area Manager ( Websites:,

Title of presentation:
“Collaborative Robots – Experience the Opportunities & Technical Possibilities”
​ ​
​Description: Collaborative robots (CoBots) have a significant impact on business performance and quality improvement. From a technical and ethical point of view, we will discuss and demonstrate how robotic technology is safely improving efficiency, increasing production and is a wise business investment. Manufacturing companies are taking CoBot implementation into consideration to grow operations, expand possibilities, surpass current limitations, meet and exceed daily requirements (using both staff and technology), and understand their Return-on-Investment (ROI). Time to change the mindset away from “eliminating jobs” and focus on smarter manufacturing.

During this presentation, we will cover the following:
What are Collaborative Robots? The impact of Collaborative Robots in Manufacturing Universal Robots (UR) Overview: Features and Terminology; How the Robot Works – ease of use and flexibility; Setting up a tool (end-effector); Creating a program Interaction with external devices; Safety settings; Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) Features and Terminology; How the Robot Works; Creating a Map and a Mission; Applications and Case Studies; Type of Industries ; Financial benefits – How to determine a Return-on-Investment (ROI)​

Avery Bechtel (NJIT student in IE): Industrial Case Study on Waste Reduction and Lean Management Bio: Avery is a BS(Hons) student in Industrial Engineering, also working towards his masters degree in Engineering Management at NJIT. He has over 6 months of industrial experience and is the recipient of a recent NSF (National Science Foundation Grant) with Dr Ranky, focusing on Waste Reduction and Lean Management.

Paul G. Ranky: Design Quality Review Case Studies of Megacities with a Green Product Lifecycle Engineering Focus and, Paul G. Ranky: Zero Defect Quality Methods
Bio: Paul Ranky is a Full Tenured Professor of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, Industrial and Management Systems at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology), with an additional faculty appointment with NJIT’s IT (Information Technology Program), as Professor of IS & IT.

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