Section Meeting: Workforce Issues for NJ Manufacturers – The Need for Skilled Workers

Join us for the June 2018 section meeting where Ray Vaccari will share with us the state of NJ’s manufacturing industry, focusing on its workforce issues. NJ has 11,000 manufacturing companies, 90% of which have 50 or less employees. Most of these companies do not have HR departments to help find and develop the skilled workers they need to continue operations and grow in the future. This talk will focus on the issues manufacturers have due to the shortage of skilled workers. Ray will discuss programs the NJ Dept. of Labor has implemented to help train incumbent and new workers. He will also present what educators are doing, particularly in the Career Technical Education (CTE) schools (aka votechs), private schools, community colleges and four year universities. One solution that NJIT has developed is the MechaFORCE Registered Internship Manufacturing Program, M-RIM, in which NJIT acts as a sponsor for apprenticeships, or registered internships, for NJ manufacturers.

DATE, TIME & PLACE: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Location: Spanish Tavern, 103 McWhorter Street – Newark, NJ 07105 (MapIt)

Registration (includes dinner):

Presented By: Mr. Vaccari, currently NJIT’s Director of Advanced Manufacturing, has several responsibilities. As Talent Development System Specialist, he leads the efforts of three NJ Dept. of Labor funded grants, hosted at NJIT. The three grants include the Construction & Utilities Talent Network North, with a main responsibility of developing high quality employer driven partnerships to focus on the workforce needs of companies in the construction and utilities industries in northern NJ. A second grant is for the Construction & Utilities Talent Development Center which provides funds for incumbent worker training and training for dislocated and disadvantaged workers throughout NJ. A third grant is the Technology Advisory Network which provides advice to NJ’s ten Talent Networks on the use of technology in the various industries they serve. Ray also leads the MechaFORCE Registered Internship Manufacturing Program (M-RIM), which sponsors registered internships in the manufacturing industry. Many NJ manufacturers need new skilled workers and recognize that they themselves will have to develop the experienced workers needed and that apprenticeship programs like M-RIM will help fill that need. He will also manage the external access and use by manufacturers, educators and students of NJIT’s recently announced 10,000 sq. ft. Makerspace.

Previously, as the Director of NJ’s Advanced Manufacturing Talent Network, Ray worked diligently to support manufacturers’ needs to hire skilled workers. To that end, he developed high-quality, employer-led partnerships, referred to as Targeted Industry Partnerships, or TIPs, in three regions of the state, north, central and south for advanced manufacturing companies and a fourth TIP in the south region focused on food processing manufacturing. In each region, these TIPs, chaired and supported by manufacturers, conducted needs assessments, investigated career pathways and did outreach to identify required credentials and skills, help develop and identify technical training opportunities, enroll new manufacturers in their efforts, and educate young people, their parents and school counselors on the tremendous opportunities in manufacturing.

Mr. Vaccari started his career in wire and cable manufacturing as a manufacturing engineer. He worked for AT&T Bell Laboratories as a Systems Engineering District Manager, did some IT Project Management, consulting with companies such as IBM and General Motors, worked for a while as a consultant in the electrical construction industry and even served as a substitute mathematics teacher in New Jersey (K-12). Mr. Vaccari is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He is also an Adjunct Professor at NJIT, teaching project management. Mr. Vaccari earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and his MS in Applied Mathematics from NJIT, and his MBA from Rutgers.

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