November 2018 Section Meeting: Smart, Feedback Controlled, On-demand Manufacturing Systems To Enable Zero-defect Production

Smart, Feedback Controlled, On-demand Manufacturing Systems To Enable Zero-defect Production:
2018 Fall Mini Ott ASQ NJIT Quality Conference

Following this ASQ tradition, this Fall we are pleased to take our attendees to the new NJIT Makerspace, a $11.6 million hi-tech facility. During this even we’ll focus on how companies should focus on their digital quality transformation journey supported by smart feedback controlled manufacturing and fabrication systems to enable zero-defect / outstanding quality production. A very exciting topic, that can save huge amounts for any organization! The quality methods, tools and practical examples presented are applicable to almost any factory, organization / business.

In the first half of the program we’ll visit our new Makerspacer laboratory at NJIT to explain and demonstrate how smart, feedback controlled, on-demand manufacturing and fabrication systems can enable zero-defect production results.

In the second half of the program we’ll join another laboratory to perform our Quality Analysis and Modeling Methods Using Lean Six-sigma Statistical Tools by Paul G Ranky and his students.

Date & Time: Tuesday, 11/13/2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: This will take place in the NJIT GITC building, room 2305. Newark, NJ

Presented By: Paul G Ranky and his students, Jovana Bosaic, Baaba Foster-Forson, and Kevin Murphy.

Paul G Ranky is a full tenured professor at NJIT in the MIE Department. Jovana Bosaic is an undergraduate student in the NJIT IT/IS program. Baaba Foster-Forson is a graduate student in the NJIT ME Masters’ Program and Kevin Murphy is a PhD student in Industrial Engineering at NJIT.

Photo: Paul Ranky
Paul Ranky
Photo: Jovana Baosic
Jovana Baosic, ASQ NJIT Student Section President
Photo: Baaba Foster-Forson
Baaba Foster-Forson
Photo: Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy


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