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2009—2010 Section Officer Nominations

The Nominating Committee nominated the following for the 2009-2010 Executive Board of the NY/NJ Metropolitan Section (0300) of the American Society for Quality. All of them have agreed to serve on the board for year 2009-2010.

Canidate Office

Andrew W. Frohn


Russell A. Ferretti


Sandor Juhasz

Vice Chair

Austin Lin


Dak K. Murthy


The Bylaws of the Section provides the following:


6.1 The Section Chair, with the approval of the Leadership Committee, shall appoint the members of the Section Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate, at a minimum, one eligible candidate for each elected position.  In addition, a call for nominations from the general Section membership shall be made at least 30 days in advance of the presentation of nominees.  Nominations from the general Section membership shall require the submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Members, and submitted to the Section Secretary prior to the date published.

Members may make additional nominations by 4 February 2009 by submitting the properly executed petition to the Section Secretary, Mr. Andrew W. Frohn,(E-mail:, Telephone: 212-614-3357).

Outsourcing and Quality

Photo: W. J. Latzko, Ph.D.
W. J. Latzko, Ph.D.
The recent recalls of products made in China underlines the need for an active program to assure the salability of goods and services when outsourcing. The only reason a company has to outsource the production of items, or the operation of a call center, or the production of a computer program is to reduce costs. Everyone knows that reduced costs increase profits. Or do they?

When outsourcing, one must not forget that the customer is interested in value. Value includes the price and the quality of the product or service. A product or service for which one has paid good money must be able to deliver what the supplier promised. Unfortunately, some use outsourcing to reduce costs without examining whether the quality is the same as that resulting from company employees.

Is the outsourcing supplier consistently delivering useable output that will delight the customer? Note the word “consistently.” The output of a supplier whether foreign or domestic is a process. Processes have variation inherent in their application. If this variation is within supportable limits the process is delivering the desired quality. If the outsourcing supplier delivers quality output at one time and not at others, costs increase. Just ask the folks at Mattel. Their China factories produced defective toys, causing expensive recalls. Not only did it cost out-of-pocket money but reputation as well. In an effort to restore their damaged good name, Matell’s Chairman and CEO has a message on the Internet (go to trying to restore consumer confidence—read not lose sales.

Unfortunately, many companies that outsource their products and services rely on inspection to maintain quality. In our profession, we know that reliance on inspection without process controls is not 100% effective and, therefore, not safe. Companies that outsource their work, would do well to employ professional people, who understand the issues of quality, and act on their advice. It is cheap insurance. Just ask Mattel.

Calendar of Events July 2007 thru June 2008





5:30pm-7: 30pm


Executive Committee Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Nwk

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Mustang Harry’s

All Day

9/ 24 /07

Symposium on Deming’s Analytical Papers

Fordham University

All Day


“Golf Outing”  NY/NJ Metro Members Only

Meadows Golf Course

All Day


59th Annual Ellis Ott Quality Conference

Rutgers University

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Nwk



Certification Exam

Fordham University

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
Membership Meeting

The Brass Rail in Hoboken



Certification Exam

Fordham University

All Week


Deming Conference on Applied Statistics -Satish Laroia Lead

Tropicana Hotel

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Nwk

12:30 -3:30pm


New York Transit Museum  Guided Tour – Joe B. and Eric Lead

NY Transit Museum

6:00pm-9: 30pm


General Section Meeting and Spouse Night -“Wine Tasting”

Pasanella & Sons. 



Certification Exam

Fordham University

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Seabra’s Rodizio,

6:00pm-8: 30pm


NJ Pharmaceutical Dinner Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Mountainside

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Mustang Harry’s

5:30pm-6: 30pm
6:30pm-8: 00pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Nwk

All Week


ASQ   Annual World Conference on Quality and Improvement.  

Houston, Texas



Certification Exam   

Fordham University

5:00pm-7: 30pm


Executive Committee Meeting
 Membership Meeting

Spanish Tavern, Nwk

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Program:The Role of Quality in America’s Global Competitiveness

ASQ NY/NJ Metropolitan Section & Rutgers Business School-Newark will present an informative and important program for effective business management
The Role of Quality in America’s Global Competitiveness
Speaker: Dr. Carol Sager, ASQ National Vice President and President, Sager Educational Enterprises

Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2006, 5:30 to 8:00 PM

Location: Rutgers Newark Campus, Robeson Campus Center
350 Dr. Martin Luther King Blvd
(use Parking Deck I)

Register: Mr. Bill Martin, Customized Management Services, Ltd. (718) 631-2375, Email:
or register online

Fee: ASQ Members: $20, Non-members: $25, Students: free in advance or $10 at the door

Chair’s Message

Happy Holidays to all:

As the year 2005 draws to a close I am pleased to see that the 2005 Deming Conference and the 2005 Section’s Annual Conference were so well received. It would appear that these conferences are the lifeblood of the sections events. This years events were exceptional and if you missed them, you missed some great programs.

In keeping with our objectives, the Deming Conference (December Atlantic City) is already set for 2006. Although the actual program details are not complete the Conference is set for the week of December 4 through December 8, 2006 and is returning to the Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City. Those of you that attended in 2005 I am sure will agree this is a first class location and one of the most educational Conferences offered anywhere.

Check the Web site for the slate of officers for the 2006 – 2007 year. It’s hard to believe that we are scheduled to hold elections already, but we are.

Please remember, if you are interested in any of our committees we are always open to new executive board members and need your support.

We are already working on the 2006 58th Annual Metropolitan (OTT) Section Conference and are planned on returning to the Rutgers Campus in Newark New Jersey, if all goes as anticipated. We are looking for volunteers to work on mailing lists, publicity, registration, and arrangements. If you would like to work on the committee please let me know. You can reach me at Anyone wishing to present or exhibit at the 2006 Annual Metropolitan Section should also let me know.

As I stated in my previous messages, it is a privileged to serve as chair of the Metro section. Without your support or input we may not be addressing your concerns or needs as members. So feel free to contact any board member, or me, we need your input.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ALL

Joe Borden P.E.; CQA
Chair 2005-2006

Certification Results 2005

Certification is a valuable way to further your career in quality, by affirming your commitment to quality and obtaining recognition for your knowledge.  Through certification, members enhance their knowledge, their career and their self-esteem by advancing themselves within their organization and realizing their salary goals.  Get the recognition you deserve for what you know and can contribute!

You can learn more about the various certification programs offered by ASQ at the website   Registration is convenient and simple online. Exams can be taken at any of multiple locations for your further convenience.  If you are interested in learning more about preparation for these exams, contact Russ Ferretti via email at or by phone at 212-672-1222.


Congratulations are in order to the latest Metropolitan Section members who have passed certification exams, as follows:

CQA: Certified Quality Auditor

December 2004
Ruddie D. MacDonald
Roxanne I. Lewis
Manojkumar Oza
David Lloyd Fuller

June 2005
Glenda Ann Coulter
Irene Wei Sun
Sabine D. Joseph
Kelly D. Jones
Thefania M. Lynardakis
James Thomas Mackenzie

CQE: Certified Quality Engineer

December 2004
Man King Fong
June 2005
James Robert Richardson Jr.
Martin R. Riehm

CQIA: Certified Quality Improvement Associate

December 2004
Padmanabaiah Srirama
Denesha J. Kelly
Thomas J. Pritchard
Andrew A. Wilson
Yon Ha Kim
Steve Ramirez

CQM: Certified Quality Manager

March 2005
George E. Dimopoulos

CSSBB: Certified Six Sigma Black Belt

October 2004
Tony Pattanayak
Richard K. Meyer
Rushabh J. Shah
Matthias Groh
March 2005
Donia M. Piersaint
Martin Vonderheiden

CSQE: Certified Software Quality Engineer

June 2005
Bennett Weber

Incoming Chair Message

Hi to all the current and past members, and those who are visiting our site:

The new fiscal year of 2005-2006 for ASQ has begun and as the new Chair I am honored to serve the ASQ NY/NJ Metropolitan Section. Our Section has many volunteers on our Executive Committee willing to devote their time and expertise supporting our Section’s growth and continued service to you our Section Members. I thank them all:

The objectives of this Section have not changed and remain a conduit for advancement of the theory and practice of Quality, and the allied arts and sciences, and the maintenance of high professional standing among our members and the community.

I am a Senior Member of ASQ and have been an active member in the NY/NJ Metropolitan Section since I moved to New York six years ago. I was one of the founding members of the ASQ Design and Construction Division and served as a regional chair for a number of years with that division.

I am happy to report that our Section has over 700 members; I am sad to say that I have meet only small percentage of our members. Your executive board truly works diligently to advance the goals of ASQ and the section, and we look forward to this year with hope of meeting you at our events.

Our two biggest programs each year are the Deming Conference (December Atlantic City) and the Annual Section Conference normally refereed to as either the September Conference or the Qtt Conference (September 16, 2005 Rutgers University, Newark Campus). We look forward to providing a very informative and interesting program each year at these events.  If you have ideas for programs and/or speakers for future programs or meetings, please contact me. As with any volunteer organization we are always looking for new members to step up and support the sections activities. To be involved is simple just call any of the executive board members and volunteer.

Did you know volunteers earn re-certification credits? If you have taken any of the ASQ certification exams, to maintain your certification after three years you may take the test again or attend our section meetings and conferences and obtain re-certification credits so you don’t have to do the retest.

If you are reading this, you have found our Web page. The executive meetings and general section meeting schedules are posted. Why not attend? It’s easy to register right on line and most of our meetings are free of any charge to members who register in advance. If there is a fee, it will be posted.

If you are new to the section or have never had the time to attend a Section Meeting or Executive Committee meeting chances are you don’t know what happens. You can find information pertaining to upcoming meetings, tours, educational courses, job openings, and other information of interest right here on our website.

Thank you all for your continued support and lets make this another banner year for ASQ NY/NJ Metro.

Joe Borden P.E.; CQA

Certification News

Congratulations are in order to the latest NY/NJ Metropolitan Section members who have recently passed certification exams, as follows:

Certified Quality Improvement Associate

  • Miguel A. Garcia
  • Melissa A. Russo

Certified Quality Engineer

  • Wayne Benjamin
  • Fang Liang
  • Ashish Patel
  • Maninderdeep Singh
  • Wu, Li Hsin

Certified Software Quality Engineer

  • Patricia Ensworth
  • Marilyn Ginsberg-Finner
  • Harry C. Van Horne

Certified Quality Auditor

  • Langi Bangkang
  • Kate Frances Hatton
  • Asiya Imam
  • Fares Emile Lahoud
  • Jeniffer Maureen McDowell-Oxford
  • Manohar Ravela
  • Wai Lun Seid
  • Siddharth Shankar
  • Audre Jean Van Story
  • Marvin C. Wilson

Senior Member

  • Dakshina (Dak) K. Murthy

You can learn more about the various certification programs offered by ASQ at the website   Registration is convenient and simple online. Exams can be taken at any of multiple locations for your further convenience.  If you are interested in learning more about preparation for these exams, contact Ed Warner via email at .

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