W. Edwards Deming Medal

Deming Medal Winners

The Deming Medal is presented to those who, like Dr. Deming, have successfully combined the application of statistical thinking and management so that each supports and enhances the other, thus leading to quality in products and services.

For more information on the award visit the ASQ website.

Medal Awarded by Metropolitan Section American Society for Quality

1979-1980 W. Edwards Deming (deceased)
1980-1981 John C Mandell
1981-1982 Hugo S. Hamacher
1982-1983 John W. Tukey (deceased)
1983-1984 Paul C. Clifford (deceased)
1984-1985 Lloyd S. Nelson
1985-1986 J. Stuart Hunter
1986-1987 Brian L. Joiner
1987-1988 David R. Cox
1988-1989 George E. Box
1989-1990 William A. J. Golomski
1990-1991 George A. Barnard (deceased)
1992-1992 Cuthbert Daniel (deceased)
1992-1993 William W. Scherkenbach
1993-1994 Gerald J. Hahn
1994-1995 Joyce Nilsson Orsini
1995-1996 William J. Latzko

Medal Awarded by American Society for Quality

1996-1997 Gipsie B. Ranney
1997-1998 Edward M. Baker
1998-1999 Thomas J. Boardman
1999-2000 Donald Petersen
2000-2001 Thomas Nolan
2001-2002 Henry R. Neave
2002-2003 Lloyd P. Provost
2003-2004 Shoichiro Toyoda
2004-2005 no award
2005-2006 Peter Scholtes
2006-2007 H. Thomas Johnson
2007-2008 no award
2008-2009 Paul Batalden
2009-2010 Donald J. Wheeler
2010-2013 no award
2013-2014 Michael D. Tveite

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