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Long Island Section’s Fall Symposium

Long Island Section’s Fall Symposium at Hofstra is coming up on October 21st. The topic will be  Quality as it relates to Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Devices.  The Symposium will run from 9:00 AM to about 3:15 PM.  

Please not that this is a free event. Buffet breakfast will be available from 8:30 AM, and a buffet lunch at about 12:00 Noon.

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ASQ Metro Section 300 Lean Boot Camp “Lean it Today and Use it Tomorrow”

Manufacturers like Toyota and others have mastered lean manufacturing and its value is well documented. For many years the service industry was a peripheral observer of lean philosophies and methodologies. Now, mature and intensely competitive industries facing global competition, shrinking margins and constantly changing customer expectations, these dynamics are powering many service organizations’ drive toward lean service, lean thinking and the need for lean practitioners.

Services touch the lives of every person in this country every day and at every organization’s core is the activity of service operations. Lean service is an extension of lean principles pioneered by the Toyota Production System (TPS) with a focus on waste elimination, continuous flow, and customer demand. This boot camp introduces participants to the Lean Management System and lean thinking. A lean organization understands customer value eliminates wastes and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. Part One begins with a discussion on waste as one of the deviations from the optimal allocation and utilization of resources. Next we examine visual management, its power and the distinctive characteristics of visual management. The first half of the boot camp concludes with a discussion on standardization. Frequently written about and promoted, but how do you standardize a process? Why does standardization work?

In the afternoon, we will look common mental models. In this section we will examine conventional mental models in business—the lenses through which many business decisions are made. This will be followed Dr. Paul Ranky, who will present, “Some Critically Important Lean Six-Sigma (LSS) Quality Methods, Tools and Use Cases with a Service System Focus.” This interactive presentation focuses on the basic principles of LSS service system analysis and design with the aim of reducing waste and cost, improving customer satisfaction and throughput, and ultimately achieving zero defects. Participants face a real-world challenge in terms of understanding professional process modeling, customer requirements analysis, process failure risk analysis, and other LSS methods and tools with service system quality improvement use cases.

The boot camp will conclude with participants leading a shared learning exercise using the teach-back method.

This one-day boot camp is organized to build understanding of lean basics and create a practical reference guide that will be useful on a day-to-day basis for those looking to introduce lean strategies at their workplace or those considering lean certification. It will include real challenges and it will deliver immediate benefits to its participants. Lean it Today and Use it Tomorrow, is for managers, practitioners, quality managers, entrepreneurs and senior managers. This boot camp is for problem solvers on all levels.
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Deriving Benefit from ISO 9001:2015 Workshop for QMS users – September 24th, 2015

Trainer: James August, CMQ/OE, CQA. Quality Assurance Manager, CCL Industries Inc. James August is a quality professional with thirty years experience in commercial, industrial and military/aerospace manufacturing. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from SUNY Stony Brook, a Masters in Materials Science from the same university and he completed postgraduate studies at the Colorado School of Mines. Currently, he is the Quality Assurance Manager for CCL Label Inc. in Robbinsville, NJ, where he is working on integrating ISO 9001, GMPs and Lean Manufacturing into a single business management system.
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LVASQ is offering a Creating Lean QMS Documentation Workshop

Join Lehigh Valley ASQ on May 16, 2014 for a course on Creating Lean QMS Documentation To Eliminate Junk, Wastefulness and Redundancies. As a bonus, each attendee will get a free copy of Mike’s Book “Lean ISO 9001

Speaker Mike Micklewright – International speaker, author, business and quality consultant, and trainer

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Human Error Prevention Workshop – April 11th, 2014

cancelledPrecept – Except for (a) risks from decisions based on cost-benefit analysis and (b) risks that are unidentifiable in advance (e.g., those associated with discovery and invention) – except for these risks, all losses to an enterprise are attributable to human error in the design of processes, including the design of the hardware used in the processes, and in the implementation of the processes. The prevention of human error should have very high priority.
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