Mr. Dak Murthy – Scholarship

Scholarship Application

No one will be disqualified from consideration because of sex, race, color, creed, or religious beliefs


  1. Completed applications must be received at address or email listed below no later than May 31st, 2019. We are not responsible for applications that are not delivered, missing or received after May 31st. It is strongly recommended that hard copy applications be mailed via registered or certified mail.
  2. No incomplete applications will be considered.
  3. Scanned documents are acceptable

You have the option to scan and email application and essay to:

Notification: The winner & the runner-up will be notified by July 1st, 2019.


To award financial assistance to current High School Seniors, College freshman, sophomores, juniors and first year Graduate students enrolled or planning to enroll in a full-time, two or four-year program of study in an accredited college or university.

Amount of Scholarship: $5,000.00 for winner and $2,500 for 1st runner-up.

Name of scholarship: Mr. Dak Murthy


  1. Open to all individual who meet the criteria for selection.
  2. The previous year’s scholarship winners are not eligible for the following year.  For example, a winner in 2019 would not be eligible for 2020 but could apply in 2021.
  3. Must complete application and receive by May 31, 2019.

When applying for the scholarship the applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. A completed application form (see attached).
  2. An official academic transcript showing grades for the entire enrollment in their current school or prior college(s), if any.
  3. Three letters of recommendation that address the applicant’s character and ability, at least one from a professor/teacher or official from the applicant’s current school.
  4. An essay written by the applicant, of no more than three typed pages single-spaced, covering all of the following:
    • Your interpretation of the definition of quality as it relates to products and/or services.
    • How this concept applies to your college studies and extracurricular activities.
      How you envision applying this quality concept in a future career. (give examples using Quality Tools)
    • Why you are applying for this scholarship.
    • Other relevant information, if any, of your choice.

The scholarship will be administered by the Scholarship Committee, for which Susan K Watson is the current Chair.

The criteria for selecting a recipient are based on a 100-point scoring system, detailed as follows:

  1. Academic Achievement – cumulative grade point average, 3.0 point for each 0.25 over 2.75; (15 points max)
  2. Applicant’s Concept of Product and/or Service Quality and level of understanding in written submittal. (20 points max)
  3. How applicant’s definition of quality is addressed and promoted in college courses, extracurricular activities, and work experiences. Number and relevance of examples provided. (25 points max)
  4. How applicant envisions applying his/her definition of quality in future career or profession. Number and relevance of examples provided and use of quality tools. (15 points max)
  5. Demonstrated good character and ability, per references and activities. (15 points max)
  6. Reason for applying. (5 points max)                                                 
  7. Student with no prior professional experience in a quality related position. (5 points max)

Application: Completed applications should be sent to:

Susan Watson
NY/NJ Metropolitan Scholarship Committee
666 Shore Road, Apt 3G
Long Beach, NY 11561

Available in MS Word or PDF Format

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