Section Officers 2018



Chair Sandor G. Juhasz
Vice Chair Samir Joshi
Secretary Samir Joshi
Treasurer Stefan Makuch
Past Chair Samir Joshi
Past Section Chairs

Committee Chairs




Auditing Chair Joseph Paperman (973) 493-8444
Colaboration Chair Samir Joshi New Position as of 1/1/2018
Education & Program (Co-Chaired) Russell Ferretti & Priya Gopinath
Internet Liaison Stephen Jones
Placement Stefan Makuch (212) 672-4084
Membership Ciro Casimiro
Marketing Chair Nika Hemati New Position as of 1/1/2018
Nominating Chair Satish Laroia
QMP Chair Susan Watson
Placement Chair Stefan Makuch
Recertification Chair Susan Watson
Registrar Stephen Jones
Schoolarship Chair Susan Watson
Social Media/Publicity Mary Winch (631) 758-8460
Voice of Customer Position eliminated 1/1/2018
Deming Conference Lead Walter R. Young & Satish Laroia

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Healthcare SIG Lead Priya Gopinath
Lean SIG Lead Vince Miller

NJIT Student Section sponsored by ASQ Section 300

Student Branch Counselor Dr. Paul Ranky
Student Branch – Chair Michelle Vollo
Student Branch – Vice Chairs (Co-Chaired) Jovana Stijovic & Jelena Stijovic
Student Branch – Education & Program Chairs (Co-Chaired) Javery Bechtel & Terry Asante
Student Branch – Secretary Philip Lelikov

Guiding Documents

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