Winners of 2010 Walter Young Scholarships

Photo: 2010 Walter Young Scholarship Winners
2010 Walter Young Scholarship Winners

From right to left:

Susan Watson, Scholarship Committee Chair
Tracy L McClair, Section Recipient,
Anthony Y Wang, Deming Conference Recipient,
Andy Frohn, NY/NJ Metropolitan Section ASQ Chair

Walter Young Scholarship

The NY/NJ Metropolitan Section manages the Walter Young Scholarship to encourage and support the application of quality concepts and methodology in all professional fields through a college scholarship award program.

Major Differences between ISO 9001 and ISM Code

By Charles Nixon
The ISM Code is the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention. It provides an international standard that all maritime companies must adhere to for the safe management and operation of their ships.

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) mandates the application of the ISM Code to all vessels and is mandatory for vessels of 500 gross tonnages and upward including mobile offshore drilling units. Continue reading Major Differences between ISO 9001 and ISM Code

New Section Officers for 2009-2010

Section Officers




Member Name



Andy Frohn

(212) 614-3357

Chair Elect 

Russell A. Ferretti

(212) 672-1222


Austin Lin (203) 770-8276


Dakshina Murthy

(201) 955-5783

Vice Chair 

Sandor Juhasz (212) 465-5647
Past Chair

Joseph Paperman

(973) 493-8444


Committee Chair



Member Name


Arrangements Chair

Satish Laroia

(732) 549-7539

Auditing Chair

Edward Warner

(908) 473-6988

Education Chair

Russell A. Ferretti

(212) 672-1222

Examining Chair

William Martin

(718) 631-2375


Satish Laroia

(732) 549-7539

Internet Liaison

William Latzko

(201) 868-5338

Koality Kid

William Werner

(973) 627-2450

Membership Chair

Jorge A. Rosas

(908) 903-3157

Newsletter Editor

William Latzko

(201) 868-5338

Nominating Chair

Satish Laroia

(732) 549-7539

Ott Award

Russell A. Ferretti

(212) 672-1222

Recertification Chair

William Martin

(718) 631-2375

SMP Chair

Susan Watson

(718) 558 3881

Voice of Customer Chair

William Latzko

(201) 868-5338

Stanley A. Marash, Ph.D., P.E.

Photo:  Stan Marash
Stan Marash
We were sad to learn that Stanley A. Marash died. Stan was a big supporter of the NY/NJ Metropolitan Section, a former Chair of the Section and recipient of our Ellis R. Ott Award as well as other ASQ medals. For those not familiar with Stan, one can get a very good description at the Quality Digest site:

Section Officer Nominations for 2010-2011

The Nominating Committee of Satish Larioa, Chair, Andy Frohn, and Russ Ferretti nominated the following to serve on the NY/NJ Metropolitan Leadership Board for the year 2010-2011:





 Andrew W. Frohn

 STV Inc.


 Sandor Juhasz

 Parsons Brinckerhoff


 Russell A. Ferretti

 MTA Metro North RR

 Vice Chair

 Dakshina Murthy

 NJ Transit


 Austin Lin

 Procter & Gamble


 Jorge Rosas

 Chubb Group of Insurance Co 

The following is an extract from our ByLaws regarding Nominations and Elections:


6.1       The Section Chair, with the approval of the Leadership Committee, shall appoint the members of the Section Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate, at a minimum, one eligible candidate for each elected position.  In addition, a call for nominations from the general Section membership shall be made at least 30 days in advance of the presentation of nominees.  Nominations from the general Section membership shall require the submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Members, and submitted to the Section Secretary prior to the date published.

6.2       If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, the nominee shall be declared elected by acclamation at the next regular meeting of this Section.  Any contested positions shall be resolved through an election.  Such election shall be conducted in the manner deemed appropriate by the Leadership Committee (i.e., by regular mail, electronic mail, by ballot at a Section Meeting, etc.).  The nominee with a plurality of the votes of the Members shall be declared elected.  Elections must be held no later than a date that is certain to meet the requirements specified in the Society Policies.

Send additional nominations to be received by 5 February 2010 to

Mr. Austin S. Lin
Duracell Global Headquarters
Project Engineer
Berkshire Corporate Park
14 Research Dr
Bethel, CT 06801-1040

Social Darwinism across a Wire: The Criticality of Quality Management from a Distance in the Modern Supply Chain

Photo: Austin Lin
Austin Lin
In the expanding markets of the modern era, the connectivity between business units, internal customers, and external supply chains from vendors to consumers are becoming more complex. Supply chains no longer extend exclusively across towns or even cities — distances now range from 30 minute drives down the interstate to 30 days of ocean freight to other continents.

As the market evolves, so does the necessity for supply chain quality management to adapt alongside it. In addition to these complexities, there are now cultural differences affecting the changing business environment, whether regionally within a country or globally between nations.

What hasn’t changed is that the customer still expects products and services to be delivered on time and to specification. How does the evolving company best position itself to deliver these demands?

Attendees will be introduced to three Evolutionary changes needed in order to maintain pace with assuring customer/ consumer quality amidst the challenges of the modern supply chain:

Evolution 1: Data Delivery and Consistency

How One collects data and makes comparisons between manufacturing sites. Is all data created equal? What’s the difference between real time data collection vs. real time SPC? Can a process be “over-standardized”?

Evolution 2: Quality Touch Points

How does a typical 1950s US supply chain compare to a 2008 international supply chain? How do these changes in supply chain complexity make quality controls all the more critical? How does one incorporate logistics and freight forwarders into the quality equation?

Evolution 3: Cultural Convergence

How do companies face the modern challenges of cultural and business practices, both regionally and globally, including language & time zone differences?

Chairman for 2009-2010, Andy Frohn’s Incoming Message

Photo: Andy Frohn
Andy Frohn
Well, after reading there really is not much more that can be said. I too feel privileged and honored to be serving as Chair of this section of ASQ. Our section is fortunate to have such an incredible line up of quality professionals on the board. Some of them have been around since the beginning of ASQ and are well known in the industry as leaders in their field. Since I was Chair last, back in 2002-3, there have been many changes both within the section and in the economy in general. As we all know the economy has hit many people within our region very hard. Our section feels it is our obligation to do what we can for our membership and our community during these difficult times.

Our scholarship has taken off and is providing a substantial benefit to those that are fortunate enough to win the award. We plan to focus our efforts on training and certification courses in order to provide our members with a more competitive edge out there in today’s job market. As Chair, I would like to enhance our website as well, with more links to job postings and career-oriented events throughout the area.

I look forward to this upcoming year, we have an exciting program and as always I encourage you to check our schedule of events on our website often. I can say from years of first hand experience that participation on the Executive Board has been rewarding both personally and professionally. Where else can you come have a great FREE dinner and watch the exciting drama that goes on at our board meetings? We are a spirited group with a great sense of humor, but also a sense of great purpose and responsibility.

If you would like any information about us or have any suggestions on how we can serve you better please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

I look forward to serving you,

Andrew Frohn, Chair

Chairman for 2008-2009, Joe Paperman’s Farewell Message

photo: Joe Paperman
Joe Paperman
It is truly amazing to me that almost two years have passed since my installation as Chairman.  I am thankful to the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan Section’s membership for having entrusted me with the opportunity to serve our section. It has been a rewarding experience over the years serving first as Treasurer and then as the Vice Chairman.  Very soon I will be a Past Chair of the section.

I was very fortunate during the past two years. I received sound advice from many Past Chairman.  In many cases they gave suggestions and a consensus of opinions to help guide me in areas that had previously been foreign to me. I was privileged to have the opportunity to work with an Executive Committee that gave limitlessly of themselves.  In some cases the committee chairs took on an added role of responsibility such as the Education Chair taking on the responsibility of coordinating and arranging the Monthly Membership Meeting Programs.   In fact our Membership Chair even ran a meeting that packed the house for a presentation on Managing the China Supply Chain.  The Treasurer, Dak Murthy, ran full day courses on  statistics, and basic auditing, But the success of the Leadership of this section… Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary would never have been possible without the entire NY/NJ Metropolitan membership’s commitment to our success.

I would need pages to even begin listing all of those who contributed their time to make all that was accomplished possible.  I just want to assure each and every one of my sincere gratitude for either volunteering or attending our meetings, functions, and programs to have this section been so successful.

I need to summarize some of the many programs that have made this section so very exciting and unique:

  • Scholarships: (1) Walter Young Scholarship and (2) Ellis R. Ott Scholarship
  • Golf outing for our section members
  • Ellis Ott conference
  • Deming Conference on Applied Statistics
  • New York Transit Museum Guided Tour for members and their families and friends
  • Spouse Night out at the South Sea Port – Wine Tasting and Dinner
  • Basic Statistics – in coordination with NJ Transit
  • Lean and Six Sigma
  • Spouse Night out at the Budwiser Plant – Wine, Beer and Dinner
  • Managing the China Supply Chain
  • Basic Auditing and Corrective Action Follow-up
  • Six Sigma Class at NJ Transit
  • Sustainable Lean and Green Engineering Principles, Methods and Tools by Paul Ranky

On the horizon is the Metropolitan Section’s sponsorship of an ASQ Student Section at NJIT.

Let’s all try to continue our involvement and attendance at the various functions and programs planned for next year.  Please see our web site for complete information on forthcoming scholarships, meetings, conferences and events. 

I would like to personally acknowledge and thank the following for the exceptional service the following have rendered to the section:  

Chairman’s award:  Russ Ferreti, Chairman of Education/Membership Meeting Programs
Chairman’s award:  Sue Watson, Vice Chair, SMP and Scholarship
Exceptional Service Award:  Bill Martin, Registrar

Total Quality Award:

  • Joe Paperman, Chairman
  • Andy Frohn, Secretary
  • Sue Watson, Vice Chair
  • Dak Murthy, Treasurer

It has been a great honor to have the following recognized and presented the Membership Leaders Excellence Awards for their outstanding commitment to ASQ and their communities:

  • Andy Frohn
  • Bill Martin
  • Dr. Bill Latzko
  • Dak Murthy
  • Ed Warner
  • Joe Borden
  • Russ Ferretti
  • Satish Laroia
  • Sue Watson

And thanks to the ASQ for including me, Joe Paperman

As I now move to the position of Past Chairman, I do so with enthusiasm and optimism.  We have a new slate of officers and committee chairs to lead us into another exciting couple
of years. 

Please consider calling and being an involved member with the new officer’s:

  • Chairman Andy Frohn
  • Chair Elect Russ Ferretti
  • Vice Chair Sandor Juhasz
  • Secretary Austin Lin
  • Treasurer Dak Murthy

Naturally, I hope that no one is offended if they have not been personally mentioned.  It is quite difficult to recall all the folks that have put forth their time.  I also could not have done this without the support of my wife.  Mimi has been very supportive with the commitment of time that was necessary.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful summer and I am looking forward to seeing many of you throughout the year at the Membership Meetings for networking and education via our programs next year that begins with the August meeting.

Joe Paperman
Chair, NY/NJ Metropolitan Section ASQ

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