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Section Meeting: Agile Project Management Best Practices

Photo: Anu Chandrasekhar
Anu Chandrasekhar

Agile project management is a recursive and incremental method of managing the design and build activities for information technology, product/ service development, engineering projects in a highly nimble, end user focused and interactive manner. Agile methods came into existence in response to challenges experienced in more sequential forms of project organization/ management. In the Agile method, small portions of the deliverables are completed within each work sequence/ delivery cycle and the work product is progressively improved within an overall iterative life cycle where deliverables are submitted in stages. Agile is popular in technology projects where the project may be complex and where end users may experience difficulty defining long term requirements
without being able to view and interact with progressive prototypes. The incremental, iterative work sequences referred to above are commonly known as sprints in agile software development.

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