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Auditing Management Systems Workshop

Event CancelledThis workshop is designed for auditors-in-training, auditors, audit supervisors and audit managers who have responsibility for auditing processes within management systems (e.g., quality, environmental, health and safety, and security management systems) in accordance with the requirements of ISO 19011, ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO/TS16949 and similar standards.

The workshop covers in detail (a) the considerations for establishing the overall auditing system (b) the differences in the processes for internal audit, supplier audit and third party audit, and (c) the process for performing an individual audit of any management system, in addition to quality, environmental, health and safety management systems – other than a financial management system.

Upon completion of this workshop, one will be able to:

  • Use audit terminology;
  • Understand the differences among internal, supplier and third party auditing;
  • Understand the factors to be considered in establishing an integrated auditing system;
  • Design, and, implement an integrated auditing system;
  • Plan the auditing activities for a given time period;
  • Establish the audit objective – "compliance-based" or "effectiveness-based";
  • Establish the audit scope – "risk-based" or "non-risk based";
  • Determine data collections techniques – "system-based" / "program-based", "performance-based" and/or "results-based";
  • Lead the performance of any individual audit, step-by-step, in detail;
  • Manage and assess the effectiveness of the integrated auditing system.

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Nominations for 2012-2013 Section Officers

Nominations for the 2012-2013 period

The Nominating Committee nominated the following to serve on the NY/NJ Metropolitan Leadership Board for the year 2012-2013:





 Austin S. Lin

 as second term


 Sandor Juhasz

 as second term


  Jorge Rosas



 Mike Tedaldi

 as second term


 Samir Joshi


The following is an extract from our ByLaws regarding Nominations and Elections:

6.1 The Section Chair, with the approval of the Leadership Committee, shall appoint the members of the Section Nominating Committee.  The Nominating Committee shall nominate, at a minimum, one eligible candidate for each elected position. In addition, a call for nominations from the general Section membership shall be made at least 30 days in advance of the presentation of nominees.  Nominations from the general Section membership shall require the submission of a nomination petition, signed by at least 10 Members, and submitted to the Section Secretary prior to the date published.

6.2  If there is not more than one nominee for an elected position, the nominee shall be declared elected by acclamation at the next regular meeting of this Section.  Any contested positions shall be resolved through an election.  Such election shall be conducted in the manner deemed appropriate by the Leadership Committee (i.e., by regular mail, electronic mail, by ballot at a Section Meeting, etc.).  The nominee with a plurality of the votes of the Members shall be declared Society Policies.

Send additional nominations to be received by 6 February 2012 to

Mr. Dakshina K. Murthy
Nominating Committee Chair

282 Province Line Rd
Wrightstown, NJ 08562-2207