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2012 Membership Survey Summary Results

NewsOne item that was echoed in the survey was to have more meetings and events in NYC. The Education and Program Committee (EPC) has been diligently searching for a restaurant in NYC to replace Murano’s/Delmonico’s. We had EPC meetings in several NYC locations that were either too small to handle our average meeting attendance, not private (quiet) enough to hear a presentation or did not have an appropriate space to set-up a screen to view a presentation. If you have suggestions for a location that would meet our needs, please answer that survey question in our 2013 Membership Survey coming in August.

You answered that 92% of the respondents do not attend refresher courses. We removed that category from the survey for this year.

We need to find out why only 58% of our respondents attend Section Meetings.

We shortened the survey to make it easier to complete (5 – 10 minutes).

This follow-up survey is an attempt to get more information from you to help us focus in on your priorities and to deliver:

The courses you are asking for and to find out what days, nights, or weekends are most convenient for you.
What type of Social Events would you find Fun and Entertaining?
You told us that you enjoy Plant Tours. We need to know who can lead a Plant Tour Event.

The Education and Program Committee (EPC) is excited to hear about your needs and wants for the upcoming year. Please look for the 2013 Membership Survey coming in August via e-mail and on the Section website.